Franklin Riley - Creative Director & Curator
Creative Director & Curator at Kroto Fine Arts - Franklin Riley works with an amazing team of designers and studio artists to create artwork and illustration for the Kroto Fine Arts’ expansive image catalogue. 

Kroto Fine Arts staff

Our Team

Eric Nichols - Sales Manager & Art Consultant
Sales Manager & Art Consultant at Kroto Fine Arts - Eric Nichols provides leadership to a team dedicated to providing clients with the best possible art buying experience. The finest quality product, competitive pricing, and the best possible customer experience is key. 
Leon Oks - Founder & CEO
Owner & CEO of Kroto Fine Arts - Leon Oks is the driving force behind the entire teams success. His long term strategies and creative integrity, power the Kroto Fine Arts artistic evolution.
Kyle Bak - Lead Designer
Lead Designer at Kroto Fine Arts - Kyle Bak helps create everything from brand assets to custom artwork for KFA. His skills with traditional & digital media, as well as a BFA from Columbia College, make him the perfect designer to showcase the best of Kroto Fine Arts.
Rachel Mertel - Art Consultant
Art Consultant at Kroto Fine Arts - Rachel Mertel provides a sophisticated depth and understanding of the art & design marketplace. Clients appreciate her clear and concise communication skills, along with an extensive art background, which includes a BA in Art History from the University of Kansas.